• Robert Doričić
  • Ana Montan
  • Igor Etrović


Sacral heritage, religious practices and customs, and the ethnomedical heritage of the Mošćenice region have not had so far the attention of medico-historians, which represents the starting point of this paper. The research of the mentioned dimensions of medico-historical
reality of Mošćenice and its surrounding area has been conducted on three levels. Starting with the usual methodology, sacral inventory of certain churches and chapels from the Mošćenice parish is analyzed from the perspective of the history of medicine. After that, the attention is first given to the religious practices motivated by health and then to other traditional forms and practices of health prevention and disease treatment – especially to those concerning people as well as those concerning animals. The scope of this research is to document and present the elements of medico-historical heritage of the Mošćenice region based on religious and other traditional components, but with the intention to enrich the medico-historical mosaic of the eastern Istrian coastal region.

Keywords: history of medicine; sacral heritage; Croatia; Mošćenice.