Anatomy of the Ribs and Management of their Fractures as Viewed by Avicenna (980-1037 Ad)

  • Shahram Paydar
  • Armin Akbarzadeh
  • Shahram Jahanabadi
Keywords: Avicenna, ribs anatomy, rib fracture, true ribs, false ribs, Canon of Medicine


Introduction: Avicenna stated interesting points on the symptoms of rib bone fractures, their physical examination, and also treatment and management of the complications in his master piece Canon in Tibb. Method: We reviewed Avicenna’s Canon and his viewpoints on the anatomy of the rib bones and their fractures and compared it with conventional medicine.
Result: He described the anatomy of the ribs; he explained the effectiveness of their structure in the protection of vital organs. He also suggested some methods for the management of rib fractures, such as using vacuum at the fracture site or open surgery in case of complications.
Conclusion: Avicenna’s point of view on the approach toward rib fractures had some similarities and differences with conventional practice. Some of his suggestions could be taken into account.