• Dubravko Habek
  • Rajko Fureš


The new main military hospital building in Bjelovar, built in 1900-1901, was designed to provide full medical services to its patients, as it had patient rooms for soldiers and officers, doctor’s office, a pharmacy, a laboratory, a kitchen with a dining room, toilet facilities, and storage for food and firewood in the basement. The building’s right wing accommodated regimental doctors on the ground floor. The first floor had patient rooms with sanitary facilities and rooms for paramedics. In the hospital park there was a separate building for infectious diseases, auxiliary buildings, a disinfection facility, and a mortuary. For 35 years before World War 2, it had functioned as a military hospital with brief intervals when it provided services to the general public and outpatients. During the War it resumed its primary function and continued providing health care for the military until it was demolished in the  late 1970s. This article is a contribution to the existing literature about military health care in Croatia, as there have been no earlier records about the Bjelovar hospital.


Key words: history of hospitals; military hospital; military health care; 20th century; Bjelovar; Croatia